Buy Neurontin

Neurontin is anticonvulsant drug. The main ingredient is gabapentin. The mechanism of action of the drug is different from other drugs which are connected with GABA(gamma - aminobutyric acid). Neurontin doesn't influence on metabolic processes of trapping and gamma - aminobutyric acid. It is responsible for the emergence of neuropathic pain. It increases the synthesis of gamma - aminobutyric acid, glutamate - dependent decrease in neuronal death. It doesn't interact with sodium channels, partially weakens the effect of glutamate receptors agonists. We don’t have warns convulsions induced by various causes if we use Neurontin. You may use it if you have neuropathic pain in adults with secondary generalization in adults and children. Since the age of 3 years it may used as an additional drug.


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